This is twenty-something. It’s crazy.














Meet Aaliyah

Aaliyah is a Jamaican 20 something who is interested in all things fun, edifying, entertaining and stylish. She grew up in Montego Bay, St. James then left the second city at age 19 to attend the University of the West Indies where she studied Journalism. While trying to find her footing in a new space she learned many life skills and lessons that she is always eager to share in a bid to help others who have similar encounters. When she is not documenting her experiences navigating these 20 somethings, she spends her time like any average young girl – working, watching Netflix, shopping for unnecessary household items and trying to keep it all together.

This is twenty-something. It’s crazy.

This is twenty-something. It’s crazy.

I get frustrated. I get disappointed with myself. I’m anxious sometimes. Other times I’m flat out scared. Sometimes things seem to make sense. Most times nothing does. All the time I smile through it. All the time I’m grateful.

I've had somethings on my heart that I’ve been meaning to share. I know I haven’t made a blog post in a while but I’ve been trying to get my life together. It’s so hard doing that. What no one tells us about ambition is hard it is to keep going. There are no days off. Even on rest days you’re just thinking, planning, PLOTTING. We can’t turn it off.

It’s tough when we are doing it without help and without handouts too. You know, when you’re the one who always has to make it happen for you. Blood, sweat and tears really.

But hey, we are trying to create the lives for ourselves that we see in our minds right before we fall asleep at night, the life we think about having in those quiet moments or on a really long drive.

Baby, if you read this and you identify with it in any way just know I’m rooting for you! I want it for you as much as I want it for myself. I get it, and thousands of people around the world get it too. This is your journey and while our obstacles and goals may differ, hell, they might even be the same, just know you aren’t alone.

And just as I ask everyday that my steps be ordered, I pray the same for you.

Love and Light! Happy Sunday! ✨🙏🏾

Aaliyah Speaks xoxo

Happy Sunday!
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