Join Me On My Journey Navigating These 20 Somethings

Aaliyah is a Jamaican 20 something who is interested in all things fun, edifying, entertaining and stylish. When she is not documenting her experiences navigating these 20 somethings, she spends her time like any average young girl trying to keep it all together.


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This is twenty-something. It’s crazy.

I get frustrated. I get disappointed with myself. I’m anxious sometimes.

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Lessons Learned In Loss

Nothing will ever prepare you for losing a parent, and quite honestly

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What's Weighing Me down

Have you ever looked back at your pictures from about 3-5 years ago?

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Opening Up to Your Parents About Being in a Relationship

Welcome to your twenties, where you’re an adult and fully allowed to do all the grown-up stuff but.....

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